Hello dear Womexer!

This is a special page just for you. Here you can find a playlist with old and new songs.

We have also uploaded some live videos so you can get an idea of us performing live.

We perform shorter sets as a duo or longer sets with 3 additional musicians.

We also have a big band with 2 more "abjee's" on stage which we love to perform with. We are then a total of 7 musicians on stage. We love to bring our own sound engineer on gigs when possible,

since we believe that the adequate  sound is essential for a good concert experience.

We are attending Womex 2018 to get to know You and to find inspiration for our upcoming album.

We are also interested in finding a booking agency to work with and to get to know other musicians and artists to do potential collaborations with.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about Abjeez.



See you out there!


First song "Hamoom" Second song min 6:43 "Barab Barab"